The power of natural health

Herbochem believes in the power of nature and its ingrained purity. With the added assistance of modern technology and innovative practices, we have a range of unique products rooted in nature whose significance echoes through the historical pages of prevention of disease and maintaining good health.

Combining nature with innovation

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Blending technology with age old tradition

At Herbochem we use the latest technological innovations and practices fused with age old traditions, to create four powerful and unique products which are fully rooted in nature and filled with medicinal properties.

A legacy of natural health

Founded by Mr. K V Chalam in 1973, Herbochem is today become a pioneer in blending the latest technology with tried and tested agricultural techniques in order to create some of the most pure herbal extracts, phytochemicals and nutraceutical ingredients in the world today.

With over 3 decades of experience, our principle remains the same - never compromise on quality. A host of our products are designed using proprietary processes after the careful study of the product, which makes them superior to their peers in terms of quality, effectiveness and cost.

With our vision dedicated to quality, service and transparency – we have earned a lifetime of loyalty from our global clients.

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Skype ID: herbochemindia

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Water-Soluble Curcumin

The dynamic R&D department of Herbochem has developed water-soluble curcuminoids, with the highest assay and bioavailability in the industry.


The world of Phytochemicals

Naturally occurring chemicals produced byplants, called phytochemicals, have proven to be powerful in the prevention and cure of diseases in humans.


A message from our Chairman

As we continue to explore and discover new extracts and techniques, Herbochem ensures that there is never a compromise in quality.


Herbochem at Supply Side West, Las Vegas 2017

Herbochem has been a constant visitor at Supply Side west and has been showcasing it's unique range of extracts to the broader industry for their consumption.


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