About Us

Herbochem is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Plant Extracts, Phyto Chemicals, Protein Hydrolysate and other Nutraceutical ingredients to Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Food, Health, Cosmetic and such industries since 1973. Company with more than 130 man years in extraction and core competencies in 300+ products has succcessfully built partnerships with many multinationals. With a vision dedicated to quality, service, growth, commitment and transparency we have earned lifetime loyalty from each client across the globe.

We are constantly challenging our capabilities to achieve better quality and innovate high quality ethical products at all times to ensure utmost end user satisfaction and value for our clients. To this end, our commitment is to innovate products that help to make people's lives better in this fast pacing and ever changing environment.

We are focussed to operating ethically and responsibly, while at the same time respecting the interests of all our suppliers, employees, partners and stakeholders.

Who We Are

Herbochem's increasing success has been mainly due to:

  • Inhouse Research

  • Flexible Manufacturing Techniques

  • Technical Expertise

  • 20 years experience in natural products

  • Multinational Collabaration

  • Timely Delivery and T.Q.M

  • Competitive Prices

  • Total Customer Satisfaction

Optimism and dynamism are common features found in HERBOCHEM founded by a vision and we take our vision seriously.


  • Technical expertise

  • Maintaining highest standards of quality

  • Over 30 years of experience in herbal products

  • Complete understanding of customer requirements

  • Commitment to deadlines

  • Multiple solvent extraction facility


  • Versatile Glass Equipment

  • S.S Reactors, Glass Lined Reactors

  • Falling Film Evaporators/ Forced Circulation Evaporator, Calendria Evaporator

  • S.S & R.L Centrifuges/ P.P Filter Press/ ANFD

  • Extractors

  • Vacuum Drier, Spray Drier, Hot Air Drier

  • Chilling Plant, 3 ton boiler, H.V.D, E.T.P


  • Enzymatic Hydrolysis

  • Large Volume Extractions

  • Low and High Temperature Reactions(-5degrees C to +150 degrees C)

  • Hydro and Solvent Extraction

  • Distillations/High Volume Distillations

  • Autoclave

  • Vacuum drying/ spray Drying / hot Air drying