Ashwagandha is an adaptogen – a class of unique medicinal herbs which normalize physiological functions. With its powerful stress-relieving properties, Ashwagandha acts as a natural sedative. It improves your cognitive functions, eases all strains of fatigue and tension and acts as an effective antioxidant

A proprietary extraction process

The research & development team at Herbochem have developed WSM8, WSH8 & ASH2O Ashwagandha- The highest and the best grade available in market.

WSM8 & WSH8 have been developed using proprietary extraction method. This extraction process ensures that all the active and essential constituents of the herb are extracted & retained. As mentioned, they contain complete spectrum of Ashwagandha. They contain 5% Glycowithanolides and Withanolides with least Withaferin A content. The best part- Both of these have a good aroma and taste.

ASH2O is a completely water soluble Ashwagandha extract retaining all the properties of Ashwagandha root.
All the extracts have strong feedback of stress relieving properties and act as an effective anti-oxidant.

We also offer other grades of Ashwagandha - Both HPLC and Gravimetry test methods

Benefits of Ashwagandha Extract

  • Anti depressant properties
  • Improves overall health & longevity
  • A potent adaptogen.
  • An anti-craving agent of drugs of abuse, tobacco, alcohol.
  • Anti oxidant and anti aging properties
  • Anti stress agent and improves mental health & cognition
  • Semen and virility-increasing agent
  • Energy Booster
  • Immuno Enhancer
Other Grades(HPLC & Gravimetry Test Methods)
Ashwagandha extract- 2.5% By HPLC
Ashwagandha extract- 5.0% By HPLC
Ashwagandha extract- 8.0% By HPLC
Ashwagandha extract-10.0% By HPLC
Ashwagandha extract- 2.5% By Gravimetry
Ashwagandha extract- 5.0% By Gravimetry
Ashwagandha extract-10.0% By Gravimetry
Ashwagandha extract-15.0% By Gravimetry

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