The MoPro 30 Moringa Extract is made of >30% Protein, is free of gluten, has the optimum composition of amino acids and helps maintain body metabolism. The extract contains 24% Saponins and Glycosides

Moringa has been used in traditional medicine for a wide range of conditions, ranging from skin blemishes to tuberculosis. With its microbial and anti-bacterial properties, the leaves of moringa protect the liver, boosts immunity, fights toxic radicals and inflammation – making moringa a core ingredient for diabetic medication for all pharmaceutical companies.

A proprietary extraction process

Water Soluble Moringa Extract With 30% Protein

MoPro 30 Moringa Extract is developed using a proprietary extraction method which does not use any Acid or alkali. This extraction process ensures that all the active and essential constituents of the leaf are extracted & retained. This water soluble extract has the key minerals & vitamins with high protein and fiber content. The extract has a unique and optimum composition (Saponins-30%,Flavanoids-2.0%,Glycosides-30%,Protein-30%,Tannins)

Benefits Moringa Extract

  • Water soluble bio minerals improves many body functions like boosting immune system, improving bone health, and increasing body metabolisms
  • MoPro 30 Moringa also improves enzyme activators & has a good osmotic balance.
  • Improves digestion and releases quick energy
  • Promotes weight loss and helps in increasing good cholesterol
  • Enhances athletic & physical performance

Proximate Profile

Proximate Result
Energy (Calculated) 305.35 Kcal/100g
Total carbohydrates 43.49g/100 g
Dietary Fiber 2.54g/100 g
Total Fat 1.67g/100 g
Protien 30.18g/100 g

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